[Saturday July 29 @ 9:30 PM] Click on the "2006 Pix" link on the left to check out very cool photos from WFFC 2006 !! ... Today / Saturday started out CLEAR with light winds, and so the planes started to fly. The Perris DC-9 got off a load at about 3 PM ... jet ... Jet ... JET ! But then, some weather came in that brought occasional strong rain and wind, shutting things down for about two hours. Then Mike Mullins got several flights in late in the afternoon, and there was swooping at sunset ... It's hard to believe, but it's time to start packing up the webcam/video trailer because another WFFC is ramping down again. Friends from over the years are saying good-bye until 2007. As always, it's been an awesome and fun time this week in Rantoul, especially for us on the web / video team. It was great seeing and jumping with our friends from the Rodriguez Brothers, Muff Brothers, and Hellfish plus other groups and skydivers from around the globe. Only 51 weeks until the party starts all over !! Our thanks also go to you from around the world who "tuned in" to see the fun and to Don Kirlin and staff who put this incredible skydiving event together again this year. It's now time to walk down to the enterainment tent for the final time to check out the band and fun. Blue Skies until next year !! .... Chango (with Cajones, Arano and Numero Cinco) Rodriguez