World Freefall Convention Questionnaire

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Years in Skydiving___________ Number of Jumps_______ # of WFFCs________

Please rate the following aspects of the 1998 Convention and feel free
to add comments and suggestions:

                                 Excellent    Above Avg     Average    Poor

Pre-Registration Staff/Procedures

Registration Staff/Procedures

Ticket Sales Staff/Procedures

Manifest Staff/Procedures

Convention Facilities

Convention Aircraft


How did Pre-Registration benefit you at Registration?

WFFC Load Organizers, Comments and Suggestions:

Camps: Color Concepts, Skydive City, 4-way, Extreme Tent, Sky Surfing,
CRW, Skydive Sebastian, Skydive University:

Food Service, Comments and Suggestions:

Skydiving Equipment and Service Vendors, Comments and Suggestions:

Evening Seminars / Parties / Bands, Comments and Suggestions:

How many days did you attend the 1998 Convention:

Where did you stay?  (motel_____  tent_____  RV_____  Other_____)

Please rate where you stayed, Comments and Suggestions:

From what source do you receive your skydiving information (please check
all that apply):

Parachutist____   Skydiving____  Drop Zone____    Internet____   Other____

Comments and Suggestions:

How can we make the 1999 World Freefall Convention better for you?

Do you plan to attend the 1999 World Freefall Convention 6-15 August 1999?

	A:  Yes
	B:  No
	C:  Maybe

If yes, how many days do you plan to attend?  _____

How many people in your group?  _____


Thanks for your input, you help make the difference!  It's very important
to the Convention.  Please print out this questionnaire, fill it out and
fax it to DJan Stewart at (303) 497-8125.