World Freefall Convention Load Organizer Questionnaire

Your number of jumps:

Years in sport:

1.  What percentage of your total jumps at the WFFC were organized by:

The Convention Load Organizers 	__________

Color Concepts  		__________
Skydive City 			__________

Skydive Sebastian 		__________

Muff Brothers 			__________

Extreme Tent (Vertical) 	__________
CRW Organizers 			__________

Skydive University 		__________

Many of the following questions refer mainly to the belly flying
prevalent at the Convention, and not vertical flying.  Please feel free
to add anything you would like to add for vertical flying in order to
allow us to make next year's Convention better.

2.  What size normal organized load do you prefer?

  less than 5    5-8    9-12    13-16      17-20      more than 20

3.  Do you prefer that normal organized loads be

	A.  relaxed and easy
	B.  serious and challenging

4.  Do you think the fall rates on the organized loads were

	A.  too slow
	B.  about right
	C.  too fast

5.  It is very difficult to get everyone on a load to return to debrief.
Do you have any suggestions?

6.  Which of the following specialty loads would you like to see more of?

None    Sit flying     Streamer    Hoola-hoop     No jumpsuit     Tube
Lightweight/Heavyweight    All women    All??

7.  Do you attend and enjoy the "sunset loose loads"?

8.  Please describe your most favorite organized load and why you felt
that way about it.

9.  Please describe your least favorite organized load and why you felt
that way about it.

10.  Do you have any comments about any particular load organizers or 

11.  Do you have anything positive or negative to say about the group
listed above?

12.  Any other comments or suggestions related to the load organizers?

Thanks for your input, you help make the difference!  It's very important
to the Convention.  Please print out this questionnaire, fill it out and
fax it to DJan Stewart at (303) 497-8125.